Project Night -by Anonymous

The night is cool, the wind brisk. As the wind blows Dr. Smith steps out onto the catwalk. The sky is dark with clouds, only the occasional star can penetrate. The facility sits around the rim of a large man made hole, about half a mile across. It goes down farther than the human eye can perceive. It narrows as it descends like a funnel. The pit is grey and dreary, like a place long since forgotten. But this hole was not forgotten. The facility surrounds the hole, buzzing with activity and light, containing three large towers that can be seen from space. It was built and created for the purpose of a single experiment; one that could change the course of the human race forever.

Dr. Smith, director of the Night project, is a short man. He has long hair, wearing glasses, and a high but not whiny voice. Born and raised in the city to a life of privilege. He was always interested in science. As a teenager he started doing experiments in physics and genetics, and it became his love. He came up with a theory, one so amazing, so strange, so different that no one had even considered it before. In the aftermath of this idea project Night was born. The funding came from an unlikely source: the United States government. The site was constructed with the utmost urgency and the hole made in record time.

All his life Dr. Smith had waited for this moment that was almost upon him. Everything was almost ready. All the work, all the research…., he hoped it had not been for nothing. In the control room of the facility he and the other scientists stood, along with a guest from the Government. “Welcome Gentleman, to the next forefront the of human race, the next step in our history” he says enthusiastically. “Now, behold!” he practically shouts. He presses the red button. Nothing happens for a few moments; moments of absolute silence. The government representative seems apprehensive and doubtful. Then the whir of engines and the hum of power. Lights start to flicker and the ground begins to shake. A beam shoots out from each tower into the bottom of the hole. The light is blinding. The shaking increases and the intensity of the noise builds into a howling crescendo, and then it stops. The power all goes out and everything is disheveled. Papers are scattered, and a look of sadness shows Dr. Smith’s face. “Well, I guess that was a failure…” he begins to say, as everything shatters. Every atom within a 4 mile radius of the hole just shatters, is torn about, every quark on its own, vaporized into pure plasma. Nothing, not even the towers survive. But the shockwave does more damage. It rushes across the continents wreaking destruction. It is the biggest disaster humanity has ever faced.

The following day the world is in ruin. The Shockwave knocked down buildings and destroyed power systems. The World is devastated but is still able to recover.

Twenty years pass. The hole is still abandoned, now made even bigger by the blast. In the center something stirs, a ball of light, a shimmer of hope: the project had worked.

Then it Came -By Siobhan O’Shea

The air smelled like salty oceans,
And like new books and redwood trees.
It was full of gold dust,
That swept her up into the cotton candy clouds.

Magic was real, and in this place
She could run faster than
Any one else ever had.
Everything radiated light.

There were slanting gates
Rising high on the very far edges
Keeping the desecraters out
Only she had the key.

Even if the outside
Was being crushed by sand
Or crashing and trembling
This place was safe and beautiful.

She could sit with her eyes wide
Open, and her ears being
Bombarded by
Frightening syllables

It did not matter because her eyes
Did not see, her ears did not hear
Her soul was far away
Frolicking and dancing among sunny raindrops

But then the rain started to chill
And stopped falling in glorious curtains
Instead they hung in the air
Becoming the thickest mist.

She huffed and puffed and tried
To breathe out the crisp wind
That she missed so much, the wind
That made the gold dust swirl.

She was so busy exhaling in her
Desperation that she did not see
It coming. The fog
Hid It from her sight.

But Its howling crept into her ears
The shrieks and whispers churned
And smashed and shattered every window
And made her mind bleed

She was up very high and falling fast
The air whipping past her
Stung her face with it’s
Ice-cold red-hot needles

She was freezing and she was burning
She was suffocating under boulders
And dizzy from spinning
Too fast.

Her favorite colors were garish
And they burned her.
She could not look at
Familiar things.

Mirrors and strobe lights
Discordant, crashing chords, chilling laughter
And darting shadows that whisked past her,
Distorted everything.

She tried to gather the least tainted
Of the puzzle pieces into
Her arms, but they dropped
As she ran and fell.

She saved only one puzzle piece
Of her beautiful shiny place
Just enough to look through
Like a telescope

Every now and then, brilliant sparks
Of gold dust fall, out of the
Tiny little almost-square,
Onto her bedside table.

She starts with longing, and seizes
The piece up, holding it to her eye,
She peers through it and sees

The fog is still suffocating
The fresh scent of her air
And the awful sight recalls echoes
Of the terrible It lurking still.

Sometimes the moisture and
The terrible sounds leak out and
Clutch her, and then release her,
Laughing at their clever game.

She is afraid of the next time that
They will want to play. She hides
Behind a rock, shivering,
And crying for her lost world.

A Poem (in response to our power outage earlier today)

Why PG&E, did you leave us in the dark?
No Wi-Fi,
no lighting,
no power,
no fun.
Why was that?

Bathrooms with skylights’ lines could last hours,
and homework was not done without power.
Nothing to pass the time but our phones,
which died shortly after.

Why PG&E?
Did someone crash into a pole and take out our power?
Or did the power plant fail, so we ran out of power?
Or did Dr. Evil steal all the power?
Or did someone hit the wrong button?

Submitted by Citizen X.