Tilden Student Impresses Pop Star, Shawn Mendes, with her ASL skills!

Last year, Julia Villano, a student at Tilden’s Walnut Creek campus, performed the song, Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes, using only American Sign Language (which she, of course, learned at Tilden!)

We just found out that Julia had a chance to meet Shawn Mendes and show him her video. Naturally, he loved it!

We are so proud of Julia and impressed with not only her skills in American Sign Language, but also her confidence to show the world what she can do, and share her translation with the original artist.

Jun 13, 2015

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Summer 2016

Shawn Mendes and Julia Villano

“Not Much Time” – A Tilden Film Production

‘Not Much Time’

Production Team

Director: William Booth

Producer:  Sophie Van Ronselé

Writers: Sean Hennigan, Peter Forte, Reilly Keith, William Booth

Editors: Malia Disney, Sean Hennigan

Script Supervisor: Malia Disney

Camera Operators: Sean Hennigan, Malia Disney


Rodney: Reilly Keith

Douglas: Peter Forte

Running Woman #1: Siobhan O’Shea

Running Woman #2: Mahala Easter-Houston


– Peter Forte –

Making this movie was a fun and insightful process as my classmates and I got to experience each step of making a movie. The idea behind Not Much Time came from a pressing question I had always wanted to answer: what would you do if you knew you were going to die soon ? The difficulty that comes with answering such a question is what our main characters struggle with. With the guidance of our teacher,  my classmates and I put together a suitable script, shot by shot sequence, and finally a fully formed short film that inspires watchers to question the life they live and whether they are truly happy and fulfilled.

– Sean Hennigan – 

As a writer, story-boarder, camera operator, and editor, I have seen how much detail and work is put into a film such as this. Seeing the process from beginning to end, I have a newfound passion and appreciation for all forms of video media. The themes behind the short are very vital, and I believe apply to all audiences. While it may pertain mainly to the older population,  the moral behind the film is to live in the moment and aspire for true happiness. A lot can be learned from the character of Dug (Douglas). I had a great time working with a cast and crew of brilliant and passionate people that I call my friends. It was so great to see the final product and I was thrilled to see the first screening at the school!