The Top Ten Best Zelda Bosses

By Gabriel Valladares, grade 7
Tilden Preparatory School – Walnut Creek

The Legend of Zelda is a great franchise. And there’s nothing better than taking on cool, clever, or just straight up powerful bosses. So here I’m going to be counting down my personal top ten Zelda bosses.

10. The Helmasaur King


It’s no surprise that A Link To The Past liked big bosses. But the greatest is definitely The Helmasaur King. I mean, dude’s almost as big as the room you fight him in. Imagine a giant horned lizard with Ridley’s tail and an iron mask, and you pretty much got the same thing. Sort of. Smashing his one defence to bits and piercing his skull with arrows can only be made more satisfying by one thing. Watching him explode to bits from the tail up. A Link To The Past, you don’t disappoint.

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Now You See Me (2013) Movie Review

Now you see me. Now you don’t. A common phrase among illusionists, although many never actually disappear. In Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me (starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Mélanie Laurent, and Morgan Freeman), a group of four magicians, mostly strangers to one another, unite together to become the Four Horsemen. They receive mysterious cards that tell them what to do, including to rob a bank. They are pursued by FBI and Interpol agents Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) and Alma Dray (Mélanie Laurent), and the ending has a nice little surprise twist!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this movie a 9.5. I loved how they incorporated magic and crime/mystery into the same show. It was very unique. Also, it was ambiguous whether the viewer should be rooting for the Horsemen or the FBI, as they detailed each of their lives separately, showing both their weaknesses and strengths. I thoroughly enjoyed this film for its action, suspense and… well, its magic!

The closer you look, the less you see.
-J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg)

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