“Not Much Time” – A Tilden Film Production

‘Not Much Time’

Production Team

Director: William Booth

Producer:  Sophie Van Ronselé

Writers: Sean Hennigan, Peter Forte, Reilly Keith, William Booth

Editors: Malia Disney, Sean Hennigan

Script Supervisor: Malia Disney

Camera Operators: Sean Hennigan, Malia Disney


Rodney: Reilly Keith

Douglas: Peter Forte

Running Woman #1: Siobhan O’Shea

Running Woman #2: Mahala Easter-Houston


– Peter Forte –

Making this movie was a fun and insightful process as my classmates and I got to experience each step of making a movie. The idea behind Not Much Time came from a pressing question I had always wanted to answer: what would you do if you knew you were going to die soon ? The difficulty that comes with answering such a question is what our main characters struggle with. With the guidance of our teacher,  my classmates and I put together a suitable script, shot by shot sequence, and finally a fully formed short film that inspires watchers to question the life they live and whether they are truly happy and fulfilled.

– Sean Hennigan – 

As a writer, story-boarder, camera operator, and editor, I have seen how much detail and work is put into a film such as this. Seeing the process from beginning to end, I have a newfound passion and appreciation for all forms of video media. The themes behind the short are very vital, and I believe apply to all audiences. While it may pertain mainly to the older population,  the moral behind the film is to live in the moment and aspire for true happiness. A lot can be learned from the character of Dug (Douglas). I had a great time working with a cast and crew of brilliant and passionate people that I call my friends. It was so great to see the final product and I was thrilled to see the first screening at the school!

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