A Poem (in response to our power outage earlier today)

Why PG&E, did you leave us in the dark?
No Wi-Fi,
no lighting,
no power,
no fun.
Why was that?

Bathrooms with skylights’ lines could last hours,
and homework was not done without power.
Nothing to pass the time but our phones,
which died shortly after.

Why PG&E?
Did someone crash into a pole and take out our power?
Or did the power plant fail, so we ran out of power?
Or did Dr. Evil steal all the power?
Or did someone hit the wrong button?

Submitted by Citizen X.

Published by

Tilden Preparatory School

Tilden Preparatory School is a college preparatory school for grades 6-12. We have campuses in Albany and Walnut Creek, California.

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