What is a Tardigrade? + Illustration Contest

Tilden Tardigrades

As you may know, the recently elected Tilden Times blog mascot is the tardigrade. A tardigrade is an eight-legged micro-animal that can survive almost anything, including doses of radiation lethal to humans, temperatures ranging from boiling to absolute zero, and the vacuum and zero gravity of space. Go Tilden Times Tardigrades! Yeah. Anyway, Tilden Times is holding an illustration contest for an official mascot image. Students from both campuses may submit drawings to lindseyrj@tildenprep.com or to the front desk of either campus. The winner of the contest will receive a $10 gift card to a cafe of their choice. Have fun, and good luck!

Submitted by Citizen X.


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Tilden Preparatory School

Tilden Preparatory School is a college preparatory school for grades 6-12. We have campuses in Albany and Walnut Creek, California.

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