The Blood of Ziquar: a novel by Tilden student Esme Cammarata


Esme Cammarata, a middle school student at Tilden’s Albany campus, has written a novel, The Blood of Ziquar. The teaser is sure to excite the curiosity of any fan of fantastic tales:

Long ago, a man named Ziquar brought magic into the world. He gifted his six children with shards of a gem, that, when united, would bring its wielder unspeakable power. Two people are on a quest for this gem. One–a madman, a murderer. The other, a young boy, by the name of Evan. In a world where magic is just as real as the dangers, who will live? And whose blood will be spilled?

The novel is available in paperback and for Kindle at Esme’s website and


The Top Ten Best Zelda Bosses

By Gabriel Valladares, grade 7
Tilden Preparatory School – Walnut Creek

The Legend of Zelda is a great franchise. And there’s nothing better than taking on cool, clever, or just straight up powerful bosses. So here I’m going to be counting down my personal top ten Zelda bosses.

10. The Helmasaur King


It’s no surprise that A Link To The Past liked big bosses. But the greatest is definitely The Helmasaur King. I mean, dude’s almost as big as the room you fight him in. Imagine a giant horned lizard with Ridley’s tail and an iron mask, and you pretty much got the same thing. Sort of. Smashing his one defence to bits and piercing his skull with arrows can only be made more satisfying by one thing. Watching him explode to bits from the tail up. A Link To The Past, you don’t disappoint.

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Declaration: a Poem


A poem by Laurel Nelson
10th grade student at Tilden – Albany

This is my declaration
Not of independence,
But dependence
I depend on you
And you on me
And everyone on each other
And you can’t change that with words
Or deeds
You have touched every other person’s hand at least once
No matter how far apart
No matter the intermediaries
And you have returned that back
And no one will ever know

No one will ever know
How much we depend on one another
So I declare to the world:
Every problem is everyone’s problem
Yours are mine
And mine are yours
I cannot speak for everyone else
Truth being variable, and perspective dangerous
But we all know one thing about ourselves for which we would be persecuted
One thing we hide, consciously or unconsciously
Or one thing we cannot hide
Something inside the mind, denied but impossible to suppress
Or something on the surface, a badge of pride or shame
(Or, not xor)
That is dangerous in the wearing whichever way you wear it
Neither is a person’s sole defining factor
Neither is the thing about a person they may consider most important
But somehow, that is the only thing others see.

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Tilden Student Impresses Pop Star, Shawn Mendes, with her ASL skills!

Last year, Julia Villano, a student at Tilden’s Walnut Creek campus, performed the song, Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes, using only American Sign Language (which she, of course, learned at Tilden!)

We just found out that Julia had a chance to meet Shawn Mendes and show him her video. Naturally, he loved it!

We are so proud of Julia and impressed with not only her skills in American Sign Language, but also her confidence to show the world what she can do, and share her translation with the original artist.

Jun 13, 2015

image1 (2)

Summer 2016

Shawn Mendes and Julia Villano